Gabrielle Clark
Dip. Couns. 
Cert. Initiatic Art Therapy
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Adv.)
Whole Body Focusing Practitioner (Trainee)

Member Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute - SETI
Member International Focusing Institute

ABN:74 463 458 327

ph 0403 256 069


​Are you overwhelmed, strung out or struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, depression or other symptoms of trauma? Stuck and wanting to find a way forward that is your own unique way?

Maybe you have tried lots of different things and have given up hope?

I have trained in the following modalities for finding ways forward from lifes stoppages;

Somatic Experiencing

Whole Body Focusing

Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Work at The Clay Field

These are all body-mind focused modalities - research has shown success in therapy relies on a persons ability to access a non-verbal bodily feel of the issues that bring them for help.

When change is felt on a bodily level it is long lasting.

If any of this resonates perhaps you might like to call and discover how you can be an active participant in your own inner healing and transformation through a process of embodied enquiry.

 "Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness."
                                                             Eugene Gendlin.

Hello there, my name is Gabe.

What if...there was a way forward from pain and despair?

If  the ground underneath you is not solid right now then perhaps I can offer you something that may be of help.
I have learnt and can offer you a way of working that will enable you to move through stuck places and transform deep symptoms of pain and trauma. By working with your physicality and your bodys deep inner knowing I will teach you to be with your hurt and painful places in a way that will bring deep healing and transformation. 
Your body holds your history and your path to healing.
If you would like to learn more about what I offer please browse my website or call me on 0403 256 069


I chose the name Manawa  for my practice because it encompasses all aspects of a person that I feel need to be included when working with someones inner world.

Heart, soul, spirit, mind, life breath and time.

In Maori it means the heart, both the material organ and the heart as the seat of the emotions. 

In the Hawaiian Isles Manawa means the spirit, among other things; at Mangaia in the Cook Islands it denotes the mind, or spirit; in French Polynesia at Marquesas the life breath; and at Mangareva the soul.

In Hawaii it also refers to time

Time for a person to feel safe to be heard and seen just how they are.

"When you feel the body from inside,
there is a door"
Eugene Gendlin