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In-Bodied Inquiry
for healing,
Body, Mind and Soul.
..a simple practice

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Just having someone to hear you, to understand you, to even attempt to get you without fixing, judging, offering advice is healing to our souls.​

(I love sharing  poems that resonate with what I offer... )

Take a moment if you choose to and read this slowly,
listen with your whole body - as though you had a thousand ears inside you, 
then pause and see what it brings for you.

“This magnificent refuge is inside you.
Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway.
Be bold. Be humble.
Put away the incense and forget the incantations they taught you.
Ask no permission from the authorities.
Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.”

~Theresa of Avila

As a body-mind focused therapist I work with the whole of you,
body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

My training is ongoing and has included the following:

Somatic Experiencing


Whole Body Focusing

Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Work at The Clay Field

They are all great modalites and helpful at times to enable a process to unfold,
but most important is for me to be with you as a real authentic and genuine person.
Fully present with a kind, caring, curiosity toward how things are for you. 
What would that feel like, for someone to want to understand how it is for me?
My body desires that and it is rare, but possible.

Slowing down and getting a sense of the whole of the situation.

When we slow down and be with what is alive in us about the whole of where we are at we will find there is a wisdom in our bodies that knows just the right way forward, we just need to stay with it long enough for it to do its own healing/transforming.
The way forward is found in the problem,
that is where life has got stuck for one reason or another.

There is a certain way of deep listening and responding I know and teach that will help carry a persons process forward. 

I will rely on you checking in with yourself and correcting me if I am off track.
It's pretty amazing how it works - your body has the answers and will know what works and what does not.

The body will find a way if we just allow it the time and space it needs, it knows the way.

When change is felt on a bodily level it is long lasting.

Trauma is experienced on a body level and will only shift through the body, which is why working on a sensorimotor level is important to me.  
The way forward is where you are stopped, where your life was somehow halted. When this is accessed- which can take a long time depending on how deeply buried the trauma is - a shift will happen.
This shift can only be known by you and will be just the right way forward for your being.
You will know it, your whole body will know it.

The secret to your unfolding lies within you.

If any of this resonates please call me and discover how you can be an active participant in your own inner healing and transformation through a simple process of In-Bodied Inquiry.

I do not diagnose, I am not an expert in your life,
I know you bring with you many skills of your own.
I know that I don't know how it is for you.

I rely on working with you in a partnership where together
we work toward finding and listening to your own unique bodily knowing
of what you need to live forward.

Research has shown success in therapy relies on a persons ability to access a non-verbal bodily feel of the issues that bring them for help - so thats important and a skill worth developing if you dont already do it naturally.

  If you would like to read just copy and paste the link above and put in google to take you to the website!)

 "Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness."
                                                             Eugene Gendlin.

Are you or your children struggling with life in some way? Perhaps with behavioural issues or relationship problems, maybe uncontrolable outbursts, panic attacks, anxiety or other symptoms of trauma?

​​​Maybe you have tried lots of different things and have given up hope? I get that, there are so many people offering the next best solution out there! Good news is none of it is wasted as each experience brings us closer to a deep inner knowing of our own truth.

It is possible to find your own solutions and right next steps through accessing your own inner directed wisdom through the practice of In-Bodied inquiry.

​​​​There is a wisdom at work inside you that is remarkable!
The challenge is how to get in touch with that when the usual patterns of resistance, pain and stuckness are so strong.

​​The good news is.....

Your body holds your history and your path to healing.

I f you would like to learn more about what I offer please browse my website for more or call me on 0403 256 069.

Better still book an appointment as experiencing in person how you can heal is way better than wading through all this reading!



A person is so much more that what has happened to them.  

That is why I chose the name Manawa for my practice which encompasses so much more including...

Heart, soul, spirit, mind, breath and time...

In Maori it means the heart, both the material organ and the heart as the seat of the emotions. 

In the Hawaiian Isles Manawa means the spirit, at Mangaia in the Cook Islands it denotes the mind, or spirit; in French Polynesia at Marquesas the life breath; and at Mangareva the soul.

In Hawaii it also refers to time

"When you feel the body from inside,
there is a door"
Eugene Gendlin