Gabrielle Clark
Dip. Couns.
Sensorimotor Art Therapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Adv.)


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Hello there I am glad you are here...

Perhaps you are struggling, finding life difficult or meaningless - maybe you have given up hope?
Please stay a while.... and if it feels right for you please reach out.

Due to past or current traumatic or difficult situations we may find our bodies are stuck on high alert or shut down... or both.
We may sense a heaviness or feelings of hopelessness and despair in the background of our being.
Or maybe we are unable to rest.
Sometimes we find we are just struggling and don't even know why.
These are signposts and alerts begging us to stop and pay attention.

In sensorimotor therapy we work with the wisdom of the living body gently noticing the sensations and  impulses that occur naturally when we pay attention. When places in us are given enough space, time and unconditional acceptance we will eventually notice shifts and over time we will sense our life spirit and vitality re-emerging.  

My training as a  therapist, my own traumatic life experiences and my own ongoing therapeutic work give me confidence to say that being in a therapeutic space with a safe, non-judgemental person is a special and transformative experience that is a gift to ourselves and others we interact with in the wider environment.  

Difficulties we experience in our lives can be exhausting....I want to say you dont have to handle it on your own.

 "Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness."
                                                             Eugene Gendlin.

The meaning behind the name...

 The word Manawa  was a word I chose because of all it encompasses which resonate with me as a therapist.

In Maori it means the heart, both the material organ and the heart as the seat of the emotions. 

In the Hawaiian Isles Manawa means the spirit, among other things; at Mangaia it denotes the mind, or spirit; in the Marquesas the life breath; and at Mangareva the soul, the conscience. At many isles it carries its two ordinary meanings of "breath" and "belly". 

In Hawaii it also refers to time. We have time in our sessions to address whatever comes up, time for places that have been forgotten, repressed or unacknowledged,  to be accepted and given all the time and space needed to be felt and heard. Time to pause, time to be listened to and time to unfold at the right pace and direction that is just right for your being in this particular moment.


Manawa - heart, breath, belly, soul, spirit,time..